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Two Short Years Made a Big Difference for Priscilla Krider Rensis '47

Priscilla Krider Rensis When she arrived at Hathaway Brown as a junior in high school, Priscilla Krider Rensis began creating memories that still make her smile. She entered with Barbara Gibbs, her friend from Canton, Ohio, and the two lived together in Raymond Hall. "I remember studying under the covers with flashlights, and cramming for tests with Barb," Priscilla says. "I also recall boys throwing snowballs at the window to get our attention." Most of all, Priscilla credits her HB education for paving the way to acceptance at Wellesley College.

Since graduating from HB in 1947, Priscilla has been a consistent contributor to the annual fund and she also created a charitable gift annuity with HB, which places her in the Mary E. Raymond Legacy Society. "I have been involved with the Legacy Society at our church, so I was very familiar with the benefits to the recipients of such legacy gifts as well as the many benefits for the donor," she says. "Because of the familiarity, I wanted to do something special for HB."

Priscilla believes her philanthropic spirit began with the example of her mother, who volunteered with the American Red Cross Gray Ladies during World War II. "I even rolled bandages for the troops with Mother," Priscilla says.

After Priscilla and her husband, Ray, moved their four children to Madison, Conn., she became the church school director at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and was involved in a multichurch project to help a Vietnamese family settle in Madison. Later, she volunteered as project coordinator to welcome and help a family of eight who had escaped from Serbian rule in Kosovo. "Language, rides, jobs, schools, the town and beaches kept us busy for many months," Priscilla says.

More recently, Priscilla has been active with the 1685 Deacon John Grave House Foundation, a local historical site and museum, preserved for its 17th century architectural integrity. Much of this was possible because of her 33-year career as a realtor, associated with a company that strongly believes in giving back to the community.

"I was fortunate to have two good years at HB," Priscilla says. "Contributing was an easy decision. I owned some nicely appreciated stock, so a charitable gift annuity made good sense in my particular situation."

You may wish to consider a charitable gift annuity with HB as part of your planned giving. A gift annuity is a simple contract between a donor and HB. The donor makes a gift of cash or property to HB and, in return, we agree to pay the donor fixed, dependable payments for life. Upon the donor's passing, the gift transfers directly to HB. For more information on this planned giving opportunity, please contact Terry Kurtz at 216-320-8799 or">

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